Things To Consider When Upgrading Your WiFi Network

istock_000006904213xsmallSlow internet is ranked among one of the most frustrating and annoying things people experience. In case you are experiencing slow internet connections or constant interruptions when using the internet, then it is time for you to upgrade your WiFi connection. Before doing away with the old equipment, it is important that you first make sure that you have tried the following things for a better connection.

– Put the router at the centre of the house.

– Place the router’s antenna as high as possible:  Use an antenna extension cable to position the antenna higher than the router.

– Place the router in the room where you mostly use the internet.

– Keep your router in the open.

– Do not keep the router closer to other electronics.

– Always have the antennas positioned vertically.

– Measure the strength of the signal.

– Make sure the router’s software is configured.

– Ensure that your internet service provider is perfect.

If you follow up on all the above tips, your WiFi should function without any problems. If the problems persist, it means that the entire system needs an upgrade. The following are the areas to look into.

Obsolete Equipment

There are newer models of gateways, modems and routers released on a regular basis. You must be up to date with the changes since use of outdated equipment and firmware contribute to slow connections. Upgrading your services ensures that your WiFi functions with the required efficiency.


Different types of routers support various types of wireless connection. Some of these connections include; wireless-G and wireless-N; where the latter functions best with XFINITY services like Extreme and Blast. Make sure that you understand your router’s capabilities so that you have a device that can handle the high speeds that you desire.


A firmware is a set of instructions or a special program that controls the hardware. Manufacturers always update the firmware of their products so that they function optimally. Always check the internet for the latest updates so that the performance of your devices is always on point.

What You Deserve

Although most people still use their routers to run old wireless devices, a frequent user of the internet understands that reliability, coverage and speed are not to be compromised at any time. Upgrading WiFi network starts with your checking the standards that your router supports. A reliable and up to date internet connection saves you the stress of constantly rebooting your router, reading manuals and plugging and unplugging cords in frustration. Upgrade your WiFi connection and experience a whole new level of fast internet connection. You can get all this material at and you will get also a lot of information there.

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